*Positive Behavior Support

*Red, Yellow, Green Chart for behavior:

Green: Good behavior
Yellow: Warning for not listening or display of a minor behavior
Red: Extreme behavior

Yellow- Verbal warning that they are now "on yellow" which means a limit is placed on something i.e. "You are on yellow, therefore you will only get to watch 5 minutes of your show.  If you _________(improve the behavior), you can go back to green." 

Red- Extreme behavior for hitting, kicking, biting, completely not listening.  This results in a loss of a priviledge.  Yellow can be earned back.  To continue to focus on the positive, encouragment to earn yellow is the emphasis. 

*Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence Forms:

Antecedent- State what led up to the behavior

Behavior- What happened?

Consequence- What happened as a result of the behavior?

Look at the data collected to see patterns and to look at the types of behaviors to get an idea about why they are occuring (i.e. fleeing to escape environment).

There can be several reasons behind each behavior.  It is important to keep data to figure out what the purpose is to cause the behavior. 

These are great books!  We have Hands Are Not For Hitting, Feet Are Not For Kicking, Teeth Are Not For Biting.

*Medication for Behavior: Minocycline

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