Kennedy Kreiger Clinic in Baltimore:

Dr. B's Profile(from Kennedy Kreiger):

Clinical Trials of New Treatments for Fragile X are in Progress(from FRAXA site):
Our goal is to accelerate progress toward finding effective treatments and a cure for Fragile X. There are a growing number of clinical trials now in progress. Medications being tested range from existing drugs which have already been approved for indications other than Fragile X (such as minocycline) to experimental new drugs (including mGluR5 antagonists and arbaclofen) which are not yet available for use. Some trials are accepting adults with Fragile X; others are accepting children.
>Join studies/trials Click here for clinical trials for Fragile X patients, as well as studies seeking carriers and other family members.
>Keep me informed If you would like us to keep you up to date as new trials begin, please sign up for email updates.
You will be helping to find treatments and a cure for Fragile X.

FRAXA timeline of research findings:

NFXF Trial Information:

MIND Institute:

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