Sunday, June 23, 2013

Clemyjontri Park

Clemyjontri Park features a unique playground where children of all abilities can play side-by-side. It is a playground where every child is welcome.

This park is a place where children who use wheelchairs, walkers or braces, or who have sensory or developmental disabilities, can have a parallel playground experience of fun and exploration.

At Clemyjontri...
  • Ramps connect structures
  • Swings have high backs, arm rests and special safety features
  • Rubber ground surfaces are not-slip and allow wheelchairs to roll easily
  • Lowered monkey bars provide easy access
  • Equipment is designed to be sensory rich so all children can participate with peers
  • Wider openings allows easy access to play structures
  • Tent sails provide areas of shade in the playground and benches are located throughout the play area
The two-acre playground consists of 4 Outdoor "Rooms" surrounding a centerpiece carousel, as well as a large covered picnic area and restrooms.
The Rainbow Room:
With rainbow archway, surface with colors of the rainbow and a variety of swings
  • Accommodates all physical levels
  • Integrates sign, Braille, pictures and language
  • Teaches colors of the rainbow

    The Schoolhouse & Maze:
    With learning panels forming a maze that may be reconfigured
    • Focuses on educational learning games
    • Teaches where am I reading, maps and a globe
    • Teaches what time it is using time zones and clocks

     Movin & Groovin Transportation Area:
    Designed with transportation themed equipment such as a race track, motorcycles, planes, and trains
    • Stimulates imagination
    • Teaches balance and special skills
    • Mimics true roadway situations

    Fitness & Fun:
    Includes the largest piece of play equipment along with various jungle gym components
    • Stimulates imagination
    • Progressive challenges for physical strength
    • Energy burner
    • Builds confidence

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