Friday, April 12, 2013

Bud to blossom

So it turns out that we thought we had a solution for Charlie.  The school has tried everything they know to do and they called in a BCBA.  (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)  The verdict was to send him to a private school with a low ratio.  We were all on board to do so, thinking it would be better suited for his problem behaviors because they are trained to work with these challenges.  But it turns out that Charlie would be 5 years younger than the children in the class and that he is at a different level of learning.  So we are back to the drawing board.  But you know what?  I'm not disappointed at all! 

This just means we have to really think about what is best for Charlie.  I've read some blogs of FX parents who have faced the exact same situation.  The great thing is that the school is more than willing to work with us to help Charlie and we still have the BCBA on board with assistance for shaping his behaviors. 

While pulling all of the dead growth off of my garden beds it made me think earlier.  This situation is much like what has happened (here in the eastern panhandle of WV, anyway) with the weather this spring!  Just yesterday, Charlie and Mason were in swim shorts jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on.  It was so weird to take pictures of them in the hot sun (83 degrees) with our cherry tree in full bloom.  But it made me think...

Change happens when it's meant to.  You can't force nature.  The year before last we got our first snow before Halloween!  The trees had leaves on them and were covered in snow! 

And it brings me back to our situation with Charlie.  He is going to blossom.  He IS blossoming.  It just takes some tailoring to get the learning situation just right.  And it can only help his little brother.  With the school system being so willing to help us, the assistance of the BCBA, our input, and the advances that are being made with research, this little boy is going to bloom.  And bud to bloom, I'm enjoying the process. 

Redbud Blossoms (my late father's favorite tree)

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