Saturday, April 27, 2013

Top 10 things I want to share about my six year old son with Fragile X:

10. He learns by repetition.  He needs a visual schedule to reinforce "what's next".  This helps ease his anxiety.   

9.  He is very visually oriented.  He may have some impairment but he remembers faces and places very well!  He can tell me exactly how to get home and tells me if I need to make a right or left and is very accurate. 

8.  He is motivated to help!  Give him a task.  Watch him try very hard to please you.  He loves it!

7.  He is empathetic.  (I'll never forget during a soccer game he was more concerned about a boy on the other team who had been kicked than running after the ball while everyone else was still focused on the game.)

6.  He loves food!  He eats most anything.  And he eats often!  So what if he wants food often.  He burns it off quickly and he generally enjoys healthy foods. 

5.  While I try to limit his t.v. time, he is most motivated by the shows he loves.  His favorite is Dragons: Riders of Berk.  While he watches some "big boy shows", he still enjoys the toddler age shows.  I see nothing wrong with a combination of the two.  It's a great way for him to relax in the morning and evening.  The tv is rarely on during the middle of the day. 

4.  His interactions with his brother seem like rough play but they both play rough and laugh the whole time.

3.  I pick my battles with correcting him.  Don't assume that he's doing something bad.  Often I encourage him to do things on his own.  Imagine the limitations he had all day and what it would feel like if you had the opportunity to do something for yourself.  You would also jump at the chance!

2.  His behavior stems from his environment and how comfortable he feels.  He gets overstimuated.  It looks like he is misbehaving but he's really trying very hard to fight the urge to act out.  And if he is acting out, it's not entirely his fault.

1.  He is loved and makes his parents proud everyday.  He's not that different.  Just because he cannot express himself does not mean that he doesn't understand everything that is going on around him.  Treat him with respect and you will get respect in return. 

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